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Hi! I’m Vanessa Iurman.

As a licensed realtor in Florida and an associate of Miami Real Investment, Vanessa Iurman and her team possess the knowledge to successfully advise clients to locate and acquire properties that fit their needs in the greater Miami metropolitan area. 

Vanessa is known for her exclusive wide globe VIP treatment and personalized assistance to local and foreign clients who are looking to buy, sell or invest in a property. Vanessa was born in Venezuela and has been living in Miami for 15+ years, giving her a vast knowledge of the city’s geographic and demographics, which allows her to find the best match for her client’s needs. 

Vanessa speaks fluidly Spanish, English and Italian. With the “Client First” philosophy, working with Vanessa and her team, ensures that the needs of the clients are met in every stage of the sale or purchase process.

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We offer ALL the inventory in the market, from properties in Pre-construction to any kind of property in resale.

The city of the Future!

Miami is a city that has been growing steadily for the past few years, bringing some of the biggest companies in the country, the most renowned brands, a nonstop wave of tourists, etc, making it an amazing city not just to live but to invest in! 

Miami, with time, has grown to become the Wall Street of the South, the #1 Cruise Terminal in the U.S, the 2nd most important International entrance in the U.S after J.F.K, the new Silicon Valley, and lets not forget, one of the states with more job offers in the country. 

Now, let’s talk about real estate growth in the City of Miami. Brands like: Bentley, Porsche, Baccarat, Diesel, Fendi, Armani, Aston Martin, etc are constructing or have constructed beautiful real estate projects that are changing the skyline of this gorgeous city, not only that we have renowned hotel brands creating unique and iconic towers in the city, for example: Waldorf Astoria is constructing the tallest city in Miami which will consist of 100 Floors.

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